Old English and Old Norwegian noun phrases with two attributive adjectives


  • Kristin Bech University of Oslo




The topic of this paper is Old English and Old Norwegian noun phrases containing two attributive adjectives. An overview of the frequency of various word order constellations will be given, before we zoom in on one of them, namely the construction Adjective – Adjective – Noun, i.e. noun phrases in which two prenominal adjectives occur next to each other without a coordinating conjunction. Old English and Old Norwegian will be compared with respect to which adjectives occur in this position. The paper also includes an intermezzo, during which we investigate what happens to adjective position when a text is translated from present-day English into Old English.




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Bech, Kristin. 2017. “Old English and Old Norwegian Noun Phrases With Two Attributive Adjectives”. Bergen Language and Linguistics Studies 8 (1). https://doi.org/10.15845/bells.v8i1.1326.