Heritage languages in full circle

From the Nordic to the Americas and back again


  • Elizabeth Peterson University of Helsinki
  • Eeva Sippola University of Helsinki




The papers in this volume are a collection of those presented at the 12th annual meeting of the Workshop on Immigrant Languages in the Americas, a conference series co-founded by heritage language researchers from Norway and the United States. The collection of papers demonstrates the sharing of ideas and advancements in the field that have occured as an outcome of the research network’s annual conference and its dedicated and collaborative research members. Some papers make use of various components of the Corpus of American Norwegian Speech, some present results from a survey on postvernacular heritages languages and other sociolinguistic topics, while others focus on morphology and syntax of bilingual situations. The volume contains papers on Dutch, Frisian, German, Greek, Norwegian and Turkish in North America. Together, the collection can be considered a showcase of the state of the field of studies of heritage languages, languages that are non-dominant languages in a given setting, often with little local prestige. 




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Peterson, Elizabeth, and Eeva Sippola. 2022. “Heritage Languages in Full Circle: From the Nordic to the Americas and Back Again”. Bergen Language and Linguistics Studies 12 (2):1-5. https://doi.org/10.15845/bells.v12i2.3817.