The argument expression of change-of-state verbs and pseudo-transitive verbs


  • Eva Kardos University of Debrecen



In this paper, I aim to explore the argument realization properties of change-of-state verbs and those of pseudo-transitives. I pursue this by (1) providing an overview of two approaches towards the representation of argument structure and event structure information and (2) applying them to English and Hungarian change-of-state verbs and pseudo-transitives. In the end, although I acknowledge the merits of both models, I would like to emphasize the descriptive power of the second model with regard to my Hungarian data.

Author Biography

Eva Kardos, University of Debrecen

Department of Linguistics, Institute of English and American Studies, University of Debrecen, language instructor




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Kardos, Eva. 2010. “The Argument Expression of Change-of-State Verbs and Pseudo-Transitive Verbs”. Bergen Language and Linguistics Studies 1 (1).