Lexicogrammar through colligation: Noun + Preposition in English and Norwegian


  • Hilde Hasselgård




This study compares sequences of noun and preposition in English and Norwegian using data from the English-Norwegian Parallel Corpus. One purpose is to test the use of sequences of part-of-speech tags as a search method for contrastive studies. The other is to investigate the functions and meanings of prepositional phrases in the position after a noun across the two languages. The comparison of original texts shows that the function of postmodifier is most frequent in both languages, with adverbial in second place. Other functions are rare. English has more postmodifiers and fewer adverbials than Norwegian. Furthermore, the prepositional phrases express locative meaning, in both functions, more frequently in Norwegian than in English. The study of translations reveals that the adverbials have congruent correspondences more often than postmodifiers, particularly in translations from English into Norwegian.




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Hasselgård, Hilde. 2021. “Lexicogrammar through Colligation: Noun + Preposition in English and Norwegian”. Bergen Language and Linguistics Studies 11 (1):145-61. https://doi.org/10.15845/bells.v11i1.3442.